PPIT NANCHANG : Indonesian Festival 2016 “SpectAndalas” Explore The Beauty




PPIT NANCHANG Proudly Presents

Indonesian Festival 2016


Explore The Beauty

Be the witness of this spectacular Indonesian festival.

Day / Date : Saturday, 19th 2016

Time : 19:00  21:00

Place : Music Hall 2nd Floor, Nanchang University


WHAT IS SpectAndalas?

SpectAndalas derived from the word “Spectacular” and “Andalas” (Sumatra).

Andalas is another name of Sumatra, which is the second largest island in Indonesia.  Andalas was known in ancient times by the Sanskrit names of Swarnadwīpa ("Island of Gold") and Swarnabhūmi ("Land of Gold"), because of the gold deposits of the island's highland. A traveler from China named I-Tsing (634-713) who for years lived in Sriwijaya (Palembang now) in the 7th century, called Sumatra with chin-chou name which means "golden land".

          Sumatra is an island of extraordinary beauty, it bubbles with life and vibrates under the power of nature. As varied as the land, the people of Sumatra are a spicy broth of mixed cultures, from the devout Muslims in Aceh to the hedonistic Batak Christians around Danau Toba and the matrilineal Minangkabau of Padang. All are unified by a fear, respect and love of the wild and wondrous land of Sumatra.


SpectAndalas here to promote Sumatra. Through our spectacular performance we’re going to show how spectacular is Sumatra. Songs and dances from each tribe represents the richness of Sumatra’s culture. We also show some slides presentation for you to learn more about Andalas. May this event be your unforgettable moment!